Wednesday’s Recap and Sunday’s Preview

It was a night picked by someone who didn’t bother to show up. It was a night that I suspected the worst. It was a night that I dreaded and turned out to be amazing! I wondered early on if @Antone362 had set us up for pain and misery by picking Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Troll 2 but at least he would share in the horror with us. I never thought that he would be a no-show but it didn’t matter because the Twitflix crew jumped right into these flicks and never looked back.

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We started the night off with Killer Klowns and I must say that it was freaking awful. It was so bad that I probably looked at the clock 500 times hoping the end was near. I can only describe the pain as showing up for your friends daughters grade school play only to find out at the end it was the wrong school. To those that messaged me defending this movie you are all sick bastards and obviously haven’t experienced this atrocity since you were a child. It was probably the worst thing I have seen in my entire life but it was moderately fun to Twitflix.

Here are some tweets from Killer Klowns from Outer Space

TylerJPettyTylerJPetty: Pretty sure the Klown spaceship is also the White Lodge from Twin Peaks.#Twitflix #KillerKlowns

CM_MattDCM_MattD: The blue and green toothpaste budget for this movie must have been astronomical. #twitflix

jessdrjessicarlthose pies must have been made by my mom to kill a man so quickly.#TwitFlix #KillerKlowns

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: I like that the clowns sound like Leia when she’s disguised as a bounty hunter #Twitflix #KillerKlowns

GenXnerdGenXnerd@drjessicarl Lightbulbs made of ball sacks. #Twitflix#KillerKlowns

The second film of the night was Troll 2 and I had already experienced the awfulness of this flick so I knew what was in store for the gang. Troll 2 is one of those flicks that is SOOO bad that it is actually endearing. This movie has become a cult phenomenon and if someone set out to make a flick this bad it would be impossible. Only by mistake could you work on something this hard and end up with this disaster as a result. On the bright side this was probably the most fun we have ever had Twitflixing a film and I figure it will become the poster child for many Twitflix nights to come. We tied the record for the most participants ever and everyone had a ball! I wish all Twitflix movies would be this  horribly awesome!

Here are a few tweets from Troll 2

SchlockTreatmntSchlockTreatmnt: ”Good morning Mom, Dad. Remember how I pissed on your food yesterday? That was great!” #Twitflix #Troll2

Couch Cuttercouchcutter#Troll2 is a movie about the American family and death… Said the Italian director in broken English. #TwitFlix

Mclemons67Mclemons67: Why does this church have Beelzebub’s bedroom inside? This makes no sense! #TwitFlix #Troll2

TylerJPettyTylerJPetty: The message of this movie is “Never eat vegetables.”#Twitflix #Troll2

CM_MattDCM_MattD: ”You’re under arrest, sir — for unauthorized faggotry.”#twitflix #utah #conservative

GenXnerdGenXnerd: Grandpa come… please come… my arm is getting tired! #TwitFlix #Troll2

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: Herps = no cleavage #TwitFlix #Troll2

3BlackGeeks3BlackGeeks: Grandpa Seth Mothafucka! #troll2 #twitflix

manifesto79manifesto79: there is more mullets than a meth lab #Twitflix #Troll2

DaConstantDaConstant: What’s up with all the STD’s? #TwitFlix #Troll2

awwbaw3awwbaw3: I think that one troll was Elijah Wood… #Twitflix

drjessicarldrjessicarl: squeel like the pig you are! #TwitFlix #Troll2

GenXnerdGenXnerd: This might be Wynona Ryders best role ever… At least she has embraced her herpies. #TwitFlix #Troll2

For_ZombiesFor_Zombies: little known fact: no actual trolls in Troll 2. Sadly, no zombies either #twitflix

Get Down REALLY Down Night- Picked by @Mike_is_Bored

Alright with the recap behind us it is time to take a look at the films we are watching on Sunday 2-26-2012. @Mike_is_Bored picked out two awful movies and one stars the now defunct Vanilla Ice. Mike spent countless hours and several sleepless nights deciding on his special night and he came up with Cool as Ice and Break’n 2: Electric Boogaloo. With movies like these I wonder how in the world we are able to attract as many people as we do. (Oh I remember! Terrible movies are AWESOME to Twitflix!)

Cool as Ice Trailer

Break’n 2: Electric Boogaloo Trailer


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