Warlock Night recap and Tim Kincaid preview

“He came from the past to destroy the future” says the cover of Warlock which was the first of two Warlock movies we Twitflixed Wednesday night. Many scoffed at the idea of a he-witch and others just tuned in to see Julian Sands’s flowing blond hair. Regardless why they came to watch the die-hard Twitflixers showed up in force and we even attracted a couple new souls.

Warlock 1 starts back in the golden magic using days with Julian Sands being persecuted by those not found of the dark arts. We see the blond bomb in bondage and what I noticed most was that if you need to subdue a man-witch (mmm sloppy joes) you gotta use the very special big toe clamps. But their efforts are in vain because the warlock escapes to the future to share his brand of special evil with those in 1989 but he is not alone… A fur wearing mullet sporting foe has followed close behind to bring the evil doer back to past justice. All in all a pretty decent flick, specially by Twitflix standards.

Here are a few of the spectacular tweets from Warlock 1

Craig CohenCraig Cohen ‏With all this woman beating I’m sure Chris Brown would play the Warlock in the reboot. #TwitFlix #Warlock

word_countessword_countess: All women seeking an abortion would be burned over a basket of living cats in new legislation going through VA legislature.#TwitFlix

3BlackGeeks3BlackGeeks: HOLY SHIT! GOZER IS COMING! #twitflix #warlock

Erik SmalekErik Smalek Redfern is the Ric Flair of the 17th Century #twitflix #warlock

KinetographKinetograph: So Warlock’s powers include the ability to create really fake-looking bats? #Twitflix

mkglertmkglert: East End Mosque, West End Church…West, End, Church#TwitFlix #Warlock

CM_MattDCM_MattD: I think this might be the best movie ever made. #twitflix

MuGumBoMuGumBo I’d feel safer having my kid with a witch than a catholic priest… yah I said it! #TwitFlix #Warlock


Warlock 2- The Armageddon is the second part in a three-part series that would have been just fine being left with just the first one. Julian Sands is sporting a more modern hair cut loosing his 80′s flowing blond flair. This film was a bit different from the first with a much brighter color palate and the hero being some puberty stricken kid whom discovers he too has magical powers. Warlock travels around collecting these power stones and blah blah blah I have already lost interest just talking about it. The best part of the film was the Twitflixers that participated and that is all that really matters to me.

Here are a few of the tweets from Warlock: The Armageddon

Ashley AnthonyAshley Anthony ‏“give me the stone” “you’ll never get the stone” “give me the stone” “you’ll never get the stone” #TwitFlix #Warlock

3BG3BG ‏Scorpion wins! Fatality!! #twitflix #warlock2

The Wicker BillThe Wicker Bill I always keep my midgets in an iron maiden #TwitFlix #Warlock2

jessjess ‏WE NEED A MONTAGE! #TwitFlix #warlock2

jenlea84jenlea84 ‏She is never going to get her deposit back now. #TwitFlix #Warlock2

Angela EnglertAngela Englert ‏Designers, your challenge is to incorporate these Druid crystals into your look. You have $50 and 5 minutes. Go, go, go! #TwitFlix#Warlock2

Mark EnglertMark Englert ‏First there was strawhenge. #TwitFlix #Warlock2

MuGumBoMuGumBo ‏Now how is Teen-age boy-witch going to be a match for man-witch…. hrmm I want sloppy joes all the sudden. #TwitFlix #Warlock2

Couch CutterCouch Cutter That is some ugly joory… #Warlock2 #TwitFlix

Johnny Johnny I wish I was a Warlock so I could use my powers to wash my clothes and relax at home at the same time. #Warlock2 #Twitflix

Erik SmalekErik Smalek ‏ Ive got something to brag about/wanted to show you last night/you pulled it out of there too fast…jesus #twitflix #warlock2

Andrew NahemAndrew Nahem ‏ #TwitFlix I’m calling Child Protectives Services.

Matt D.Matt D. ‏This movie is like … cool boring cool boring awesome boring incredible boring mind-blowing. Odd pacing. #twitflix

The wraps up The Warlock Twitflix night. Sunday 3-04-2012 is @CM_MattD’s night dubbed Tim Kincaid Night and we are watching Breeders and Mutant hunt starting at 8:30pm EST. Here are the trailers for the movies.

Breeders Trailer

Mutant Hunt Trailer


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