#Twitflix Saturday Night at the Movies 10-15 @ 9:06 PM EST

Things are moving so wonderfully fast! Both MuGumbo and Kriss are working hard to get the site up and running. As you can see we have added a movie vault which has a short description on each movie we have watched or are planning to watch. We are also working on our reviews that we will post after the viewing experience.

Now on to our night! Tonight we are going to watch two distinctively different pictures. Both were viewer suggestions as great watches and perfect for our Live Twitflix Twitter Feed So remember you can follow along with us the #Twitflix feed.

Waxwork release was in 1988 places it in the forerunning for setting some of the conventions of the sub-genre of campy horror films like Scream & Fear.com. We here at Twitflix have promised this movie is just campy enough that the suspense, the gore and the monsters will keep your defibrillator unused, though we suggest you keep it charged… if it is too much for you!

Join us along with the college students that invited on this private tour of the wax museum that seems to have mysteriously popped up overnight. These folks do not remember not to go down into a basement!

For those that need boobs, apparently there is an Xtreme scene which involves a valley girl and a Marquis de Sade all in his waxi-goodness! But, gonna have to watch with us to find out if its true!

INTERMISSION HAVE A SNACK KICK BACK we will return in 30-45 minutes after ripping into Waxwork with…

Hobo with a Shotgun is one that Kriss is really excited over because of Rutger Hauer. We won’t go there, but if MuGumbo can be excited over boobs she figures she can get excited over man flesh, even if he plays a hobo in this movie and has aged since Blind Fury.

This movie promises a “gory, gleefully over-the-top revenge fantasy” and the there is a shotgun involved makes it even more intriguing! With a flavor of exploitation style action likened to Grindhouse and Planet Terror.

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