Tank Night recap and @Antone362′s Night

It was originally planned to be “Robot Love Night” picked by Twitflixer @SewDork but being the way Netflix is the movie Short Circuit was removed from streaming before we had the chance to rip it apart. Thankfully Dee @3BlackGeeks brought this problem to my attention Sunday morning and we decided on a new pair of flicks.

“Let’s all Get Tanked Night” was our solution and it turned out to not only be a great pair of movies but a great turn out. We watched Tank with the always lovable James Garner and Shirley Jones and to my surprise it was a good flick from 1984. A couple new Twitflixers popped in and quickly they learned the true enjoyment of Twitflix. Normally we go out of our way to Twitflix terrible movies because it is always more fun to trash something bad than something good. This flick had a little of both but all in all it was a solid movie that was probably 30 minutes to long.

Here are a few tweets from TANK

KenjiMasudaKenjiMasuda: Seargent nipples reporting for duty. #twitflix

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: ”Shoot that hippie son of a bitch” #Tank #Twitflix

Mclemons67Mclemons67: That’s Governeor Asshole to you missy! #Tank #TwitFlix

vocedijannavocedijanna: The bible says nothing about tanks, asshole! #twitflix #tank

sewdorksewdork: A whore eating fried chicken, when did we move to my’hood?#twitflix #tank

word_countessword_countess: So after this, what’s the plan? Seek asylum in Canada?#TwitFlix #Tank

CulturalGutterCulturalGutter: Boy, you know the townsfolk hate the sheriff’s department when they don’t mind a tank taking out their phones. #TwitFlix #Tank

GenXnerdGenXnerd: Not the first time she has ridden something big and hard.#Tank #TwitFlix

After enjoying Tank next up was Lori Petty’s Tank Girl and oh what fun it was. I must say this is the only role I have ever seen Petty in that I could stand and she was nearly attractive in it. We had a great turn out for this title and a lot of people actually seemed excited to see it. For those that don’t remember this movie check it out on IMDB and you will be surprised to see the stars that appeared in it. After seeing this 1995 flick I remembered just how lame the 90′s really were. I couldn’t help but wonder why Petty hasn’t done more fun films like this because she really seemed to be made for this role.

Here are a few of the tweets from TANK GIRL

word_countessword_countess: Well, say what you like — it IS the role she was born for.#TwitFlix #TankGirl

KenjiMasudaKenjiMasuda: I shower in delousing powder too! It feels just as good as that song! #twitflix

3BlackGeeks3BlackGeeks: Sand shower…sexy? #TankGirl #Twitflix

Mclemons67Mclemons67: The most emasculating striptease ever #TankGirl #TwitFlix

mkglertmkglert: I would have run that through a Brita first. #TwitFlix #TankGirl

vocedijannavocedijanna: RT @word_countess@vocedijanna I doubt this movie would have gotten made without crack. But I guess that’s most movies.#TwitFlix #TankGirl

GenXnerdGenXnerd: Now who would like a drink of Douch? #TankGirl #TwitFlix

manifesto79manifesto79: give me his pain killers please #twitflix #tankgirl

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: I really should read this comic #TankGirl #Twitflix

lowdudgeonlowdudgeon#twitflix First Bjork, now they’re in a Matthew Barney movie.

sewdorksewdork: A bowling ball ball pit is not a good idea. #twitflix #tankgirl

LaLa ZigfreidLaLa Zigfreid brings a whole new meaning to “I’d stab a guy for a bottle of water” #TankGirl #TwitFlix

All right now that the recap is out-of-the-way lets take a look at what we are watching Wednesday. @Antone362 had the pleasure of picking this night and a part of me wonders if he is trying to punish us all :) . Out of the thousands and thousands of movies available on Netflix streaming he put two terrible flicks together and they will be EPIC to Twitflix. We are starting the night off with Killer Clowns from Outer Space and following it with the newly deemed cult movie Troll 2. I can not remember if I have ever witnessed Killer Clowns but I have recently viewed Troll 2 and it was painful.

Trailer for Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Trailer for Troll 2



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