Sunday Night Cheese Ball

This is a night that I have been looking forward to since adding it on the schedule. Sunday night (01-29-2012) at 8:30pm Eastern we will be experiencing one of my favorite 80′s cheesy horror flicks. I began looking for TerrorVision on DVD a couple of months ago and to my surprise I learned it had never been released in digital format. I considered buying a VHS player and ordering it on tape but before I had a chance to it magically became available on Netflix Instant! What a wonderfully ironic turn of events because now I can Twitflix the experience with all. And following at 10:00 pm EST we will be viewing another flick directed by Ted Nicolaou, Subspecies.

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If you’re one of those people who, like myself, enjoy no greater emotion than the kind of stupefied, wordless wonder that occurs as a result of witnessing something so absurd that there’s no way to comprehend how it could possibly exist in a rational world, then this movie is an absolute must see! The closest film I can think of to compare to this to would be the Japanese classic ‘Hausu,’ which I might add is on Criterion for those pretentious enough to automatically write off these types of movies. At any rate, I could go on about the psychedelic production design, ridiculous overacting, the mixing of conflicting genres, the awesomely horrible special effects, and dialogue which will leave you shaking your head with your jaw hanging slack in disbelief, but you’d be better off just seeing this for yourself. For those viewers who don’t take themselves or much of anything too seriously, this movie will leave you feeling like a sick, twisted child.

What makes this movie great? I’d have to some it up in two words: simplicity and atmosphere. Long after its effects-laden brethren have lost their luster to a dated feel, Subspecies will live on as rare gem, employing the land, lore and anachronistic quaintness of peasant life to reinforce it’s plot. Radu – looming, Nosferatu-ish, distended-fingered with Robert Smith hair – is back from exile. Seems he heard Daddy Vladislav is soon to bequeath the bloodstone, a stolen Catholic relic that drips the blood of all saints, to his younger brother and that just won’t do. Radu offs King V with the help of the subspecies, imps born from his severed fingertips, and scores the loot. He’s about to put the snack on three Ph.D candidates staying at historical fort when baby brother, stefan shows up. “Zoologist” Stefan, pasty Adam Ant-ish New Wave dream, develops the hots for one of the girls – who reminds him of his mortal mother (kind of creepy and definitely not what any woman wants to hear). Radu taunts and plagues them all until the final showdown which features a sword fight. Yes, a sword fight. There’s no flying, growling, eye-glowing, shape-shifting, feats of barbaric strength or gore – unless you count the constant blood-sludge drooling of Radu. This is a both a classic, folkloric vampire tale and one of patriarchal fealty vs. firstborn entitlements. And there’s some naked breasts.

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