Sunday Afternoon Matinee

Starting at 1:17 pm EST

The leaves are turning colors and you can feel the full effects of fall in the air. It is getting colder outside which makes a Sunday Afternoon TwitFlix Matinée a perfect solution to being stuck in the house. Speaking of being stuck in the house the first film of our afternoon of horror is the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. This campy black and white classic from 1959 is going to set the bar high for the rest of the movies to follow.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @GenXnerd, @Twit_Flix, and also @AKMamma and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TwitFlix when jumping in! If you do not have a twitter account you can always watch live streaming of #TwitFlix movie Tweets on our Live Streaming Page. All movies watched are found streaming at

With Halloween a week away, we picked a new John Carpenter movie, The Ward. It looks interesting with the plot being a woman trapped in a psych ward who sees a ghost. The plot is pretty basic. A woman stuck on the floor of a mental ward who sees a ghost. The twist? Other patients begin vanishing! John Carpenter tends to bring it home and MuGumBo hasn’t been disappointed in one of his films yet, so we can all delighted in this pick of the week!  Not our usual movie to poke fun at, more of a ”eewww and awww and ooohhh”  movie than something #Twitflix normally pokes fun at! Should be fun for all including our hosts!

After the first two movies there will be a 45 minute intermission for everyone to stretch their legs, feed the creatures living in the cellar and do whatever else needs to get done. Digging deep into the #Twitflix Movie Vault to queue up two more beauties of horror for #Twitflix antics  in the spirit of Halloween.

 Baring any emergencies, such as the need to catch something escaping from the cellar or a much more mundane technical difficulty, the second half of the matinée will begin around 5:30 PM EST What better way to change it up then with Mel Brooks! Haunted Honeymoon staring Gene Wilder, the late Gilda Radner and Dom DeLuise bring on the laugher as only these three could. There are so many classic quotes and belly laughs in this 83 minutes that this might become a #TwitFlix best. Don’t forget to follow our hosts on Twitter @GenXnerd@Twit_Flix, and @AKMamma and as usual when replying include the hashtag #TwitFlix. If you do not have a twitter account you can always watch live streaming of #TwitFlix movie Tweets on our Live Streaming Page.

As Sunday unfolds we will pick and post the last “Mystery Movie” which as always suggestions are welcome for! Have one? Throw a mention to @Twit_Flix, @GenXnerd, or @AKMamma before hand! We here at are always in need for another film to add to the Movie Vault!

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