Saturday Night Double Feature.

Movie starts at 9:06 Saturday 11/19/2011

After a short break we are back and ready to light up Twitter with our TwitFlix action. First off I would like to introduce a new member to the group, Bill Wilkinson @TheWickerBill on twitter. He brings a dufflebag full of uber film knowledge along with him and will be a fan favorite as soon as the world tastes his tweeting flavor.

Remember to follow @GenXnerd, @Twit_Flix, @TheWickerBill, and @Akmamma for the full experience. If you don’t have a twitter account you can always follow along via our Live Twitter Feed located on this site.

On a moments notice we are watching two films tonight. Hellevator: The Bottled Fools (Gusha no bindume) is the first on our list and we will begin viewing it at 9:07 pm est. It looks like a promising low budget Japanese horror with an interesting story line. Check out the description page for more details. Please join in and watch along with us!

 Direct link to stream movie via Netflix- 


The second part of our Saturday Night Double Feature is one picked out by our newest member @TheWickerBill. At around 11:00 we will begin viewing Hardware. According to Bill this should compliment the Hellevator well and the description of it has my interests peeked. As always please join in and enjoy TwitFlixing with us.

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