Organic Monster Night recap

It was a night full of big green things and not one of them was the Jolly Green Giant. The Twitflix Gang got down and dirty with Swamp Thing first and to my personal surprise it was not the “classic” film I remembered as a kid. Swamp Thing was indeed a monster but who were the real green monsters? My guess is the dudes in miss matched camo trying to destroy him and Adrienne Barbeau. And speaking of Adrienne Barbeau I never really understood why the Wicker Bill always drools when her name is mentioned but after seeing her full rack being scrubbed clean in the river I now understand. Check out the complete tweet list of everyone that joined in the tweet-along of the Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing Tweet List


Next on the chopping block was the 1986 classic Little Shop of Horrors. This was the first musical the gang has watched and it was a blast. It seemed like a large percentage of the Twitflixers had been in a production of Little Shop in either high school or later which I found surprising as I never once thought about participating in a play let alone going to one. I will admit I was singing the songs along with the film and I am sure other Twitflixers were as well. This is one classic that I remember my mum dragging me to the theaters to see and back then I had not a clue how many amazing comic stars were in it. Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, Rick Moranis, James Belushi, and even “Damn Gina” Tisha Campbell-Martin. I really can’t think of any other musicals that would be better to Twitflix than this except of course Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Click the link for the full tweet list.

Little Shop of Horrors Tweet List

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