Netflix and Twitter had a baby

 Our Silly Mission- Netflix and Twitter had a baby

Welcome to TwitFlix and prepare for a ride into the world of sometimes great but lesser known movies from around the world via Netflix Streaming. The idea behind TwitFlix is not only do we watch these oddball movies but we give a completely interactive experience via Twitter timeline while viewing. We quote the movie, we write our own lines and narration for it, and we make terrible fun of it when all else fails! Feel free to watch along with us and add your own flavor to the viewing experience by including the #TwitFlix hashtag to your Tweets. Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem! Just watch the live Tweet stream on our site and never fill out a single form or anything.

At the end of every movie we give our opinions, reviews, and rank it on a five-star scale. Check the site for archives of past movies and some we plan to. We welcome any movie suggestions but remember it MUST be on Netflix Streaming.


The Twitflix Team @GenXnerd and @AKMamma

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