Friday Seasonal Festivities

Join us Friday December 2 at 8:30pm EST for the #TwitFlix tweet along.

Message @GenXnerd or @TheWickerBill if you plan on joining in the fun!

Nothing says Merry freaking Christmas like a double dose of Die Hard. Bruce Willis will help us celebrate the holiday season this Friday with the first two films of the Die Hard franchise. Starting at 8:30 pm EST we will be loading up Die Hard 1, the flick that started it all off. I remember watching this on the big screen when it was originally released and sitting in awe for the full 2 hours. Die Hard one raised the bar for action adventure movies and one of the few to hold their integrity through the sequels. We are also lucky to have a Special Guest #TwitFlixer Moe Porn (@DrunkonVHS) tweeting along with us while watching in secluded rural Connecticut on old school analog tape! Join in for an EPIC night of #TwitFlix fun!

Check out the trailer below.


The perfect follow-up to Die Hard is Die Hard 2 and that is exactly what we plan to do. Out of the entire Die Hard series this one has always been my favorite and there are a couple of reasons why. Bruce is still treated like an idiot and no one takes him seriously till things are out of control and I love the airport. There are numerous scenes that literally get you out of your seat in anticipation and excitement. Bonus it is once again set at Christmas time which makes it a perfect fit for our first TwitFlix showing in the festive month of December.Join in the fun with us Friday and start a New Years resolution early by taking up the addictive habit of #TwitFlixing. FYI we don’t mind if you do it nude and we actually encourage it!



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