May Flowers of Film

Folks it is a new month and with the turn of a page on the calendar brings us new films for the Twitflix crew to endure. Some new changes are happening in May and the biggest of them is we have dropped the Sunday night #Twitflix. Since the beginning we have always done two nights a week but the weather is getting nice and we all like playing outside. Also this is an experiment to see if twitflixing only once a week will make people look forward to the event even more so. And furthermore I am just plain tired of constantly ignoring things I use to enjoy doing (like updating the site and watching shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.) So to convince myself a little more and all of you, one night a week is progression and a way of making the Twitflix brand stronger. It is in no way failure…. right? :)

With that out-of-the-way I would like for you all to take notice that we have a poll in the right hand column. We have an extra day this month and I am giving you all a vote on what we watch. This is a trial run and if it works out we will do this every month. Also I hope you all have noticed that I painstakingly made special nifty graphics for each of the Twitflix nights. I hope to do this for now on and with us only watching one movie a week I think it is possible. I hope to also put a nice follow-up post with each one with tweets of the night and stuff. Maybe those who picked the nights would like to do the recap? We shall see!
Don’t forget that we have a retail store now so you all can rock some official Twitflix merch! Beware of Twitflix stuff on Ebay, a lot of it is knockoffs.

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