Dance Night recap and Witch Dude preview

The March viewing schedule is up!!

It was a night picked by @Mike_is_Bored and I feared it would be a flop due to the cinematic choices. Both flicks dealt with dancing and both looked to be god awful. Well in retrospect I was half right in my forecast. Surprisingly we had a good turn out for the first title even with it starring the worlds worst white rapper and also had a great turnout for a 80′s classic.

We started the night off with… uhm… Cool as Ice staring Rob Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice. As painful as that was for me to type it was even more painful to watch but since Twitflix is all about the bad we stuck it out like veterans all cursing @Mike_is_Bored and laughing out loud alike. At one point we thought @TheWickerBill was going to break into a killing spree but thankfully he held on and completed this travesty of a film to the end. At this point we all questioned whether Mike should ever be allowed to pick a night again but to his credit the second feature of the night redeemed his name just a little. We love you Mike but not nearly as much as before viewing Cool as Crap! HAHAHAHA

Here are a few of the tweets from this awful film Cool as Ice

The Wicker BillTheWickerBill I want to become rich, so I can acquire every copy of this film in existence and destroy them with fire #TwitFlix #CoolAsIce

Mike S.mike_is_bored all of his lines in this movie printed on his jacket so he could remember them. #Twitflix #CoolAsIce

jessdrjessicarl were those dwayne wayne sunglasses? #TwitFlix #CoolAsIce

Randy PerkinsMRetailSlave I would take a magic marker and fill in all the lines shaved into Vanilla Ice’s hair #twitflix #CoolAsIce

Matt ClemonsMclemons67 I did not know Vanilla Ice was a Minne Pearl fan #TwitFlix

DeAnna Prathersewdork And we end with a Vanilla Ice concert. My life is complete now#TwitFlix #CoolAsIce

MuGumBoGenXnerd Did anyone else see this in the theaters when it came out or just me?#Twitflix #CoolasIce

After making it through that hour and a half of horribleness we had one more dance movie to go. We started up Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo and I expected the worst. Personally I had never seen this film before but after just a few minutes in I figured out it was already better than the first, mainly because Vanilla Ice wasn’t in it. What a crazy movie with dance fights and a surprisingly impressive scene where the room rotated with a fixed camera giving the effect of dancing on the walls and ceiling. For some odd reason this film drew a nice crown of Twitflixers and we had a great time bashing and laughing all the way through. This film almost washed the filth away from the whitey white boy rapper movie that started the night off.

Here are a few of the tweets from Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo

SchlockTreatmntSchlockTreatmnt: ”We did it! We made 200 grand! Uh…except the balloons and costumes cost us 40 grand…” #twitflix #breakin2

3BlackGeeks3BlackGeeks: I believe in the beat too (tears) #TwitFlix #Breakin2

Mclemons67Mclemons67: So Kelly’s parents have $50K lying around and she brought Pizza Hut? Selfish. #TwitFlix #Breakin2

mike_is_boredmike_is_bored: Is that girl wearing Borat’s bathing suit? #Twitflix#Breakin2

sewdorksewdork: Ok, I saw a Pepsi logo and a Michael Jackson lookalike… where’s the fireworks? #Twitflix #Breakin2

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: Ice-T is so cool, his hat needs it’s own sunglasses#TwitFlix #Breakin2

GenXnerdGenXnerd: In 1984 Ice-T still had a stable of whores #Fact #TwitFlix#Breakin2

CM_MattDCM_MattD: This family is so white that even their cat is white. #twitflix

awwbaw3awwbaw3: Should be a Lionel Richie song cuz this mofo dancin on the ceiling #TwitFlix #Breakin2

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: I do love that there were no bras used in the making of this film #TwitFlix #Breakin2

Alright the recap is over and onto Wednesday’s preview which was picked by our  good pal @Word_Countess. It has been deemed as Big Bad Witch Dude night and we are watching Warlock 1 and 2. Here are the YouTube previews of them.

Warlock Trailer

Warlock: The Armageddon Trailer

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