Big Bad Biker Night

Big Bad Biker night is Sunday 01-22-2012 and we are getting started at exactly 8:30pm Eastern. Join us for the hottest trend on Twitter!

Come one and come all to a night filled with two wheeled leather sporting thugs on this Sundays Twitflix extravaganza. We are taking a look into the exploitation films of the 60′s with two old school films. We are starting the night off right with a hidden gem known as The Glory Stompers starting at 8:30pm Eastern. This film stars a young up and comer known as Dennis Hopper and shall provide the TwitFlix gang plenty of fuel for the fire.

“Led by the savage Chino (Dennis Hopper), the Black Souls motorcycle gang abducts Darryl (Jody McCrea), head of the rival Glory Stompers, and his girlfriend, Chris (Chris Noel). Darryl is beaten and left for dead as the souls rape Chris and head south of the border to sell her into slavery. Former Stomper Smiley (Jock Mahoney) happens by and finds Darryl still alive; together they follow Chino’s trail, determined to rescue Chris and exact revenge”

As we pick the pieces of Glory Stompers out of our teeth we will be loading up yet another biker movie from the 60′s The Cycle Savages. The description of this film markets it as a “brutal exploitation” and promises “drunkin orgies.” How in the world could we go wrong? Join us at 10:00pm Eastern for this hyped up event and remember to bring you riding gloves because we got some hogs to tame!!!

“Infuriated that an artist (Chris Robinson) has been observing him and drawing pictures of his activities, volatile motorcycle gang leader Keeg (Bruce Dern) storms off to find the unwitting illustrator and teach him an excruciating lesson he’ll never forget. Written and directed by Bill Brame, this brutal exploitation flick features serious beat downs, drunken orgies and an unbelievable appearance by famed DJ Casey Kasem.”

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