April Showers (of film)

The month is nearly over and maybe it is just me but 2012 has flown by so far. As you can see we have revamped the Twitflix site here and I hope you all like it. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact me at MuGumBo@gmail.com. We are currently putting together the schedule for May and already running out of spots. If you have suggestions (and remember they have to be available on Netflix Instant) either tweet them to me (@genXnerd) or email to the above address!

With the new look of the website we are planning a few other changes around the Twitflix concept. We hope to add some “surprise” nights on either Friday’s or Saturday’s and the Twitflixing for those nights will be a drinking game situation run by @Sewdork. Also the podcast is about to take a change for the good. For months we have been fine tuning our format to the point that it is a proven format. Now we are going to add in a bit of celebrity interviews and guest casters into the show which can only help drive us to the top of the podcasting charts.

Last thing that I wanted to mention was the brand spanking new Twitflix Store. You can click the link here or you can click on the image about and chack out all the cool Twitflix things we have put together for you to show your Twitflix pride. As you click around you will notice T-shirts for both men and women and also some really cool ipod and ipad cases. Also we made sure to take car of the coffee and drinkers out there with mugs, coffee cups and mugs, and shot glasses.

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