DeAnna-Marie Prather (@SewDork)

DeAnna has a quirky sense of humor. Her native language is sarcasm.

DeAnna-Marie (@sewdork) is from the Appalachian foothills of East Tennessee. She actually lives very near “Deliverance” country, although she claims to be completely normal! Growing up with very strict parents, her childhood consisted of Jim Henson classics, friendly extra terrestrials, and pets that multiply if you feed them after midnight. She’s working hard to catch up on cinema history in her more grown up years.

DeAnna-Marie Prather as "The Sweet Woman", a mysterious old witch in WITCHES.

Her favorite movies these days are just like her music tastes . . . Schizophrenic.  She loves a good horror movie some days; other days she just wants a nice fluffy romantic comedy. Some of her favorites films are Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, Sliding Doors, The Wizard of Oz, and Attack the Block.  She’s an expert in FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls, Little House on the Prairie, crime dramas, True Blood, Being Human, the Scream franchise, the Paranormal Activity trilogy, and loves all things James Bond.

DeAnna is a graduate of the theatre department of University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.  To pay the bills, she works at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre in the summertime, works as an event planner for an arts & civic center for the city the rest of the year.  She recently has started working in film as well as theatre.  You can see her work in Witches, a webseries produced in Chattanooga.  When she’s bored, she also makes some fabulous artsy things from fabric & thread that you can buy at One Sunny Crafternoon.

Her husband (@TejasSKP) is usually forced to watch all these movies with DeAnna and will occasionally tweet as well.

DeAnna & Skip's 6th anniversary photo. Today they've been married for 8 years & still in love.

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