Angela Englert (word_countess)

Angela enjoys puns entirely too much and has an admittedly corny sense of humor.

Angela (Twitter: @word_countess) originally hails from Andy Griffith country, and she is word perfect on all the black and white episodes of his show, along with the first 5 Halloween films, Clue, Ghostbusters, Die Hard, Freakazoid!, all the 1970s Columbo episodes, whole seasons of Scooby-Doo, pretty much any MST3K that’s been committed to DVD, and so much more. Sad really.

Not unlike the Junkions from the Transformers cartoon series, Angela talks TV, and it was this debilitating illness that first drew her to closed captioning as a career path. Starting out as an offline captioner, creating timed caption files for prerecorded movies and TV shows, Angela eventually became involved with real-time closed captioning, and that’s about as much as her company’s non-disclosure agreement can disclose about that.

Angela enjoys playing RPGs, survival horror, and shooters.

In addition to TV and movies, Angela is enthusiastic about houndstooth patterns, music (electronic, alternative, post-punk, glam), books (all), and video games (particularly ones involving zombie innards).

While not Twitflixing her heart out, Angela also helps mastermind Petite Poubelle, your one stop curiosities and counterculture blog, and maintains her own blog “An Open Letter to Future Anthropologists and Conquering Alien Civilizations.” At the moment, this serves mainly as a chronicle of TV shows she has watched and how they have alternately pleased or angered her.

Angela is married to her one true love and occasional Twitflix participant Mark (@mkglert) who endures many hours of terrible movies for her sake.

"You didn't have to shoot him in the face!"


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