1-17-12 Recap

What an EPIC night folks. We had one of the best turn outs ever with our double dose of Charles Band. We watched Tim Thomerson’s classic Trancers and then witnessed a magical long haired low brow Richard Moll in The Dungeonmaster. I can personally say that both of these movies were wonderfully awful and don’t just take my word for it. Here are just few favorite tweets of the night agreeing!

Here is just a few of the best tweets for Trancers.

couchcuttercouchcutter: He just lit a match on his teeth #TwitFlix #Trancers#badass

ashleymanthonyashleymanthony: Man the future looks a lot like the 80s #TwitFlix#Trancers


word_countessword_countess: Tim Thomerson’s keen and cuts a mean wife beater, but can’t help fantasizing Bruce Campbell as Jack. #TwitFlix #trancers

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: Whistler’s stare is like the hypno-toad #TwitFlix #Trancers

lowdudgeonlowdudgeon: All hobos in the Eighties recited Shakespeare a lot. #TwitFlix#Trancers

GenXnerdGenXnerd: No muss no fuss easy murder cleanup! #TwitFlix #Trancers

Here is just a few of the best tweets from The Dungeonmaster

Matt DunnCM_MattDunn: Those flowers aren’t for you, toots. They’re for my Commodore 64. #twitflix

word_countessword_countess: Mastema is the 1%. #TwitFlix #DungeonMaster

GenXnerdGenXnerd: The best part about a Charles Band film is right about the time you can’t take anymore the 60 minutes is up. #TwitFlix #Dungeonmaster

Moe PorneDrunkonVHS: Man that acid kicked in hard! #twitflix

couchcuttercouchcutter: ”1’000 years of boredom?” How many times do you have to watch DUNGEONMASTER to achieve that? #TwitFlix #DungeonMaster

mkglertmkglert: ”Our father, who is ART in heaven!” Sorry, just remembered that.#TwitFlix #DungeonMaster #NightCourt

TheWickerBillTheWickerBill: You can’t manhandle a laser beam, you ass #TwitFlix#DungeonMaster

Ashley Anthonyashleymanthony: Thats the same music that I work out to #TwitFlix #TheDungeonmaster

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